About Farm Stay USA

North Country FarmFarm Stay USA is the website of the U.S. Farm Stay Association, a non-profit 501c6 trade association, designed to connect guests with farm and ranch stays throughout the United States.

To fit association criteria, our farm or ranch partners must be working operations growing livestock and/or produce for sale to the public.  The association also lists farms and ranches growing and using everything for themselves in a self-sustainable model, and non-profit farms educating their guests through on-site food production.

These characteristics were chosen to distinguish Farm Stay USA from regular bed and breakfast associations and their websites.  We believe the majority of Americans are hugely disconnected from their food and the land.  Farm stays provide an opportunity to put down the cell phone and connect with all a rural life has to offer.teaser_chickens

We hope Farm Stay USA makes it easy to find the type of farming or ranching that interests the curious traveler looking for a family vacation, a retreat, an experience to do something a little different, and, as one guest's son said, something that is "way cooler than Disneyland"!

(Photo credits: North Country Farm HI, Leaping Lamb Farm OR)

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