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This site has had many co-creators, from the college students and farm women who began the original research to identify our farm and ranching partners, to several passionate young women with their own visions for promoting the farm stay culture in America.

We couldn't have pulled off this project without all of them and continue to rely on their efforts and resourcefulness, great ideas and total conviction that what we offer in the way of farm and ranch vacations is vital, and important, and even educational (in an ever-so-much-fun, not boring way!).


Founder, Executive Director

Alsea, Oregon


U. S. Farm Stay Association (aka Farm Stay U.S.) founder Scottie Jones and her husband Greg raise grass-fed lamb at Leaping Lamb Farm in the green hills of Oregon's Coast Range.  Since 2006 they have also operated a thriving farm stay, where they've hosted guests from near and far.

Scottie brings years of entrepreneurial experience to Farm Stay U.S., having been the Arizona franchisee for the socially-responsible British company, The Body Shop, and having worked in retail services and marketing at the Phoenix Zoo, where species survival and conservation were critical components of zoo education.

Now through Farm Stay U.S., she hopes to provide an economic, educational, even spiritual bridge for rural and urban Americans eager to renew a healthier food and farm system, and access to memorable and wonderful guest experiences.

In her own voice: from KATU and Edible Portland


Communications Manager, Assistant in All Things

Monroe, Oregon

Kate Rivera 2Kate, a photographer and writer, grew up in the beige suburbs of Southern California and moved to Oregon nine years ago, despite the existence of giant house spiders.

In an effort to reduce her own reliance on the industrialized food system, Kate began blogging and writing about local food and farms in the Willamette Valley. She and her husband now raise chickens and bees, and have recently added sheep to their backyard, slowly converting it to a farm.

Kate is the Communications Manager for Farm Stay U.S. and assists with the daily business of the website. While she has 20+ years of administrative professional experience in various industries, this is the first time she's able to visit with actual turkeys during her lunch hour.



Farm Stay Advisor/Full-time Farmer

Brookville, Maryland

Michelle Nowak

Michelle first fell in love with agriturismo while studying farm stays in Italy. Inspired by the local farm food and remarkable farmers that she met in Europe, Michelle knew she wanted to work to expand agritourism in the United States.

Michelle has worked as a farmer and educator in Maryland, California, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and Mexico. She also founded her own small business in Vermont, Aunt Shell's Goat Cheese.

Currently, Michelle is a full-time farmer in Maryland with less time to write than she would like. A former contributor to the Farm Stay U.S. blog and owner of (aka The Farm Stay Project) growing food for her customers now takes precedence.

Read blog posts by Michelle



Farm Stay Advisor/Marketing Guru

Black Mountain, North Carolina

KariKari has always been a farm groupie even though she grew up in the woods (canoeing instead of milking), in the Adirondack Mountains.  She's passionate about connecting folks to family farms and has worked at sustainable agriculture non-profits across the country, marketing and communicating with the public about the benefits of supporting an authentic rural life. She's done her share of digging in the dirt but these days you'll mostly find her typing rather then tending.

Kari lives in the Appalachian mountains just outside of Asheville, North Carolina with her son Finn, who thankfully knows where his food comes from. She founded the local Crop Mob (, an organization the 'mobs' a local farm voluntarily in exchange for a shared meal and some good farming tips.  She spends her (not very much) free time hiking, playing mandolin and making birds out of various textiles.

Also the founder of Sleep in the Hay, Kari is acting as an adviser to Farm Stay U.S., using her expertise in marketing, social media, and relationship building.  Her goal had been to see a national farm stay association created and now we have one!

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