Farm Stay USA Team

This site has had many co-creators, from the college students and farm women who began the original research to identify our farm and ranching partners, to several passionate young women with their own visions for promoting the farm stay culture in America.

We couldn't have pulled off this project without all of them and continue to rely on their efforts and resourcefulness, great ideas and total conviction that what we offer in the way of farm and ranch vacations is vital, and important, and even educational (in an ever-so-much-fun, not boring way!).


Founder, Executive Director

Alsea, Oregon


U. S. Farm Stay Association (aka Farm Stay USA) founder Scottie Jones and her husband Greg raise grass-fed lamb at Leaping Lamb Farm in the green hills of Oregon's Coast Range.  Since 2006 they have also operated a thriving farm stay, where they've hosted guests from near and far.

Scottie brings years of entrepreneurial experience to Farm Stay USA, having been the Arizona franchisee for the socially-responsible British company, The Body Shop, and having worked in retail services and marketing at the Phoenix Zoo, where species survival and conservation were critical components of zoo education.

Now through Farm Stay USA, she hopes to provide an economic, educational, even spiritual bridge for rural and urban Americans eager to renew a healthier food and farm system, and access to memorable and wonderful guest experiences.

Forbes profile

In her own voice: from KATU and Edible Portland



Kate Rivera 3

Communications Manager, Assistant in All Things

Monroe, Oregon

Kate, a photographer and writer, grew up in sunny Southern California but felt immediately that she had arrived home when she moved to Oregon 12 years ago.

While working for the College of Science at OSU, Kate started a website in her spare time and began writing about local food and farms in the Willamette Valley. She and her husband now operate a tiny farm where they raise sheep and chickens.

Kate is the Communications Manager for Farm Stay USA and assists with the daily business of the website.

Board of Directors

Penny Leff, UC SAREP, Agritourism Coordinator President

Mike Porcaro, Dell Boomi, Director Corp Communications Vice President

Michael Johnson, Kahn Academy, Chief Financial Officer

Greg Jones, Leaping Lamb Farm, owner/operator Secretary

Karen Searle, Montana Bunkhouses Working Ranches, Executive Director past-President

Bill Beckler, GDPR/Cybersecurity Consultant

Jodi Benoit, White Oak Pastures, Farm Events Manager

Melissa Fery, Oregon State University Small Farms, Instructor

Scott Shappell, Netherfield Natural Farm B & B, owner/operator

Beth Kennett, Liberty Hill Farm, owner/operator


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