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Farm Stay USA Sponsorship Opportunities

The U.S. Farm Stay Association has a socially interactive, searchable website and community of more than 800 farm and ranch vacation destinations across America, making it the largest and most comprehensive online travel site of its kind for U.S. farm stays.

Liberty Hill FarmAlso known as Farm Stay U.S., we are the recognized go-to destination for urban travelers, family farmers, and the news media - all interested in the growing field of farm tourism, one of the hottest sectors for foodie travel. Many of our travelers are urban families who support local food and healthier lifestyles. They are seeking to go beyond the farmers market to meet, experience, and support the farmers at the center of our growing local food and sustainable agriculture movements.

Since launching in 2010, Farm Stay U.S. has garnered remarkable media attention, appearing in the New York Times, Budget Travel, CNN, Redbook and many other national and regional outlets. We continue to be a valued resource by reporters and producers.

Brookton Hollow FarmWe welcome partner companies who, like us, are working to champion America's family farms and raise the profile of sustainable farming and healthy local food. Farm Stay USA offers sponsors an opportunity to join our community of foodies, outdoor enthusiasts, urban travelers, family farms and ranches, and other supporters - all contributing to the growth of farm tourism and healthier sustainable food systems.

Farm Stay USA by the Numbers:

Mountain G Bar M Ranch

(As of 6-1-2018)

* 800+ Farms and Ranches on

* 5,120,207 page views since June 2010 launch (565,153 in the last year). 1,154,533+ visits.

* 10,000-20,000 online visitors per month (seasonality).

* 5 minutes per visit. Visitors are engaged with, averaging 4.5 pages viewed per visit.

Why Sponsor Farm Stay USA?

Leadership. Community. Connect with your Customers. Share your story. Become part of the Farm Stay U.S. community and the growing local and sustainable food and farm movement. Help re-acquaint Americans with their country's heritage, local food, and real family farms and ranches, in order to ensure they will be around for future generations.

Adult guest with lambConnect with your customers. The main demographics for farm and ranch stay guests: 30s-60s (parents to grandparents), white collar, $80k+, homeowners, kids, college-educated, experiential learners, love food, healthy lifestyle, often work in tech fields, like to travel, outdoor enthusiasts. Are these yours?

Demonstrate your leadership and your participation in supporting local food and farms and the urban customers who are increasingly connecting with America's family farm heritage, fresh food, and sustainable agriculture. Many of the Farm Stay U.S. farms focus on these principles.

Share Your Story, Connect with Our Community. Speak to our guests, speak to our farmers, or speak to both. Farm Stay U.S. sponsors are prominently recognized with logos and hyperlinks so you can connect with our community and tell your story.

Farm Stay USA Sponsorship Opportunities:

Sponsorship length varies from 6 months to a year. We want to develop a relationship that works for you and will customize the experience to meet your needs. That said, we feel a minimum time commitment is necessary to create a 'top-of-mind' experience and association with the American family farm heritage we represent.

National and Regional Brands and Reach:

We are interested in national and regional sponsors and can tailor a relationship to fit your needs.

Elmos RestPlease contact:

Scottie Jones 541-487-4966



Photo credits: (top to bottom) Liberty Hill Farm, Vermont; Brookton Hollow Farm, New York; G Bar M Ranch, Montana; Leaping Lamb Farm, Oregon; Elmo's Rest, Virginia

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