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How much does a farm stay cost? Questions answered.

Lots of folks who approached our Farm Stay U.S. booth at the Mother Earth News Fair peppered us with questions, including, "so how much does this farm stay thing cost?"

The quick (but perhaps frustrating) answer is that farm stays can cost almost anything. Farm stays are a really broad category of accommodations -- they can range from a simple tent site to a luxurious resort with five-star amenities and service. The one unifying factor is that all 'farm stays' are situated on a working farm, i.e. a farm that produces food or fiber. Accordingly, price varies tremendously. For an American farm stay, you can pay from $10-15 to pitch a tent at Four Springs Farm in VT or D Acres of New Hampshire, to upwards of $1000/night for an all-inclusive stay at the Blackberry Farm in Tennessee. Of course, you can find all rates in between as well. The most typical range is something like $70-150/night, prices that are comparable to B&Bs you would find in the same area. Take-home message: there's a farm stay for every type and every budget!

Photo taken by Michelle Nowak: Four Springs Farm, Royalton, Vermont

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