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Four ultra last-minute gift ideas for farm and food lovers

Pleasant Springs Farm Yarn

We're down to the wire. It's two days before Christmas, and many days past Hanukkah. If you, like us, are behind with your gift-buying, we have some ideas especially for the farm and food lovers in your lives.  Heck, these ideas are good all year 'round!

1. A gift certificate for a farm stay. Did you take a farm vacation and love it, and you think your friends or family might love it too? Even when farm stays don't advertise gift certificates, many will happily create one for you if you ask. Farm stays that specifically market gift certificates include Weatherbury Farm in PA, Moonstone Farm (MN), and The Greer Farm (TX).

3. Special farm food, by mail or from the farm shop. Want to give someone a gift of organic avocados? Charan Springs Farm (CA) sells them via mail order. Vermont Maple Syrup? Order some from Couture's Maple Shop and B&B.  How about pickles and preserves from Blackberry Farm (TN) and six-packs of marmalades, jams and chutneys from Aravaipa Farms in AZ?  Don't forget wines from the vineyard farm stays in our group, and nuts and fruits from our orchard members.

2. A CSA membership. CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is a neat program which works like this: CSA members buy a 'share' of the season's produce (or meat, or yarn, etc.) from a farm, then receive a weekly box with their piece of the bounty. Farmers win by getting an influx of cash at a crucial time, right at the beginning of their season, and members win by getting a good value on fresh food and a closer relationship with the folks who produced it. Farm stays that offer CSAs include Serenity Sheep Farm ( MT), Dog Mountain Farm in WA, The Ponderosa Lodge Farm (WV), Juniper Moon Farm (VA), and Vermont Grand View Farm. These last two offer fiber CSAs instead of traditional vegetable CSAs.

4. Woolen goods and other gifts. WeatherLea Farm (VA) and Stonehaven Family Farm (MA) sell wonderful wool blankets. We mentioned Vermont Grand View Farm and Juniper Moon Farm above for their fiber CSAs; they are also great sources of yarn and rovings. Hartman's Herb Farm (MA) has dried flower arrangements and wreaths and Mirror Lake Bed and Breakfast (IN) has Amish items in its gift shop. Browse Farm Stay U.S. to find others!

Check our farms and ranches out for gift ideas, even after the holiday rush is over. By buying gifts from farms and ranches, you're buying products that are handmade or grown with love. You're getting wonderfully unique products (or experiences) and at the same time you're supporting our small family farmers. The ideas we've listed here are only a few of the possibilities. Know of others? Please leave us a comment and tell us about them.

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