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We're Finally Live

Pulling this website together has been a huge undertaking that had to take a back seat to lambing for a time this spring!

I have enlisted the help of young and old, family and friends, even strangers I met on the plane (who are no longer strangers!) We have researched and then entered as many working farms and ranches offering lodging as we can sleuth from the Internet.

It's a start for what I hope will become not only a directory of farm and ranch stays in America, but also a mentoring site for farms needing to diversify to stay viable. In corporate America, they would call this a win-win.

Farm stays are about place.  They are also about the people, the animals, and the plants that are from that place. Farms and ranches provide connection to the living world. If ever there were a time to reconnect, it's now. We're live and we are alive...

One caveat: this a 'beta' launch because the devil is in the details and some of the details are still not right.  Blame it on the lambs!

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