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Fresh From the Farm

Eggs for breakfastYou can't eat more fresh or local than right out of the garden when you stay on a farm. This requires a stay during growing season, but in many parts of the country that can be almost three quarters of the year.  Remember that veggies love the summer and fruits, like apples, can bear as late as September/October.

Many of us allow our guests to 'graze' for their meals when they stay with us.  Of course, you should always ask first if it's okay, since small farms often sell their produce at farmer's markets.  If our veggies and fruits are our business, we will likely sell to you too.  Not bad when you know your food was picked just hours before consumption.

You may also be lucky enough to stay on a farm with chickens.  If so, you can either collect or buy the farm's free-range eggs.  These eggs are surely not like any you have had before.  Their yellow yolks are deeply colored from a daily diet of grasses, bugs, and worms. Once you've had these, you can never go back.

In fact, if you return home with plans for a chicken coop or a bigger garden, you aren't alone. There's even a term for it now - urban farming. Heck, in Corvallis, Oregon, they have a tour of back yard chicken coops once a year!

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