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Farm Stay U.S. Names Top States for Farm Travel and Tourism: Pennsylvania, California, Vermont Lead the Way in “Haycations”

ALSEA, Ore. -  Farm Stay U.S. today named the top states for farm travel and tourism, finding that Pennsylvania, California and Vermont lead the nation in "haycation" destinations with the largest number of farm vacation listings in its database.

Young girl with carrots- Keolamauloa Farm

The searchable website has grown within a year to become the largest online source for farm vacations in the U.S., having expanded rapidly to 721 listings in all 50 states. The number of farms, ranches and vineyards has more than doubled from the original 320 listings in 46 states when launched in June 2010, and it will continue to grow as farm tourism and consumer interest in sustainable and local agriculture expands in the U.S.

Farm Stay U.S. found that Pennsylvania, California and Vermont lead the way in farm and ranch stay listings: Pennsylvania has 73 farm and ranch listings; California has 52 and Vermont 45.

Rounding out the top ten states are ranch-heavy Wyoming at 42, Virginia at 38, North Carolina at 34, Montana at 33, Colorado at 31, Oregon at 26 and New York at 25. All 50 states' farm and ranch stay listings can be viewed at /map. Other state-specific numbers are below.

Farm vacations benefit both guests and hosts, providing needed income to small family farms and memorable, fun experiences for guests. Increasingly people are longing to eat and support the growing of truly fresh food and to teach their kids that eggs come from chickens not cartons, " said (Ms.) Scottie Jones, an Alsea, Ore. farmer and founder of Farm Stay U.S.

Eggs for breakfast"Our vision is to help restore America's family farm heritage," Jones said. "Call it a farm stay or haycation, agritourism is increasingly important to small farmers trying to stay afloat when competing with industrial farming and increasingly important to city dwellers seeking an escape and connection to a grounded way of life."

Farm Stay U.S. identifies vacation options ranging from rustic cabins to four-star lodging, where activities range from feeding animals and picking fruit to spinning wool, horseback riding, skiing and even yoga. Farm Stay U.S. also is building the tools, resources and community for farmers to start or grow their farm stay offerings alongside their working operations.

The website is free to travelers, and free to farmers for basic listings. The vision is for premium listings, sponsorship and advertising to support the website.

Hatching an Idea was launched in June 2010 by Jones who operates her own farm stay, Leaping Lamb Farm, with her husband, Greg, in Alsea, Ore. They have hosted American and international guests since 2006. Visitors report being refreshed by the farm vacation experience, often returning to their lives with a greater appreciation for farming and a greater likelihood of supporting local food and farms through farmers' markets and their other everyday purchases.

"We were regularly booked at our farm stay and wanted to help our guests and other farmers by creating an easy referral network. That idea grew into Farm Stay U.S.," Jones said. "We hope it grows further into a robust network of farmers helping farmers and guests who continue to connect and support a healthier food and farm system."

Grandview Farm Vermont

Visitors can search each state via the "Farms Map" tab. The number changes every day as new farms add their information, but as of March 14, 2011, the number of farm or ranch stays per state are: Alabama 6, Alaska 5, Arizona 13, Arkansas 7, California 52, Colorado 31, Connecticut 6, Delaware 1, Florida 12, Georgia 13, Hawaii 5, Idaho 12, Illinois 7, Indiana 4, Iowa 8, Kansas 7, Kentucky 12, Louisiana 4, Maine 15, Maryland 6, Massachusetts 17, Michigan 7, Minnesota 6, Mississippi 2, Missouri 10, Montana 33, Nebraska 19, Nevada 7, New Hampshire 6, New Jersey 3, New Mexico 5, New York 24, North Carolina 34, North Dakota 1, Ohio 10, Oklahoma 15, Oregon 26, Pennsylvania 73, Rhode Island 5, South Carolina 4, South Dakota 13, Tennessee 3, Texas 15, Utah 2, Vermont 45, Virginia 38, Washington 9, West Virginia 4, Wisconsin 17, Wyoming 42.

Photo credits: top - SallyLundburg / Keolamauloa Farm, middle - K. Fritz / Leaping Lamb Farm, bottom - KimGoodling / Vermont Grandview Farm

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  1. Gravatar of H & J HrenH & J Hren
    Posted Friday, July 22, 2011 at 12:11:11 PM

    Looking for a farm in North Dakota that would take in a married couple (male & female) for about 3 - 4 days this Oct., 2011. Would like to learn about the area/people/state in a rural setting in ND. We live in a rural community in the East and are curious about this location in the West. (Have lived in Nebraska and South Dakota for a few years but never got to ND.)

  2. Posted Monday, July 25, 2011 at 10:56:19 PM

    H & J, why don't you send your request to some of our farms and ranches in North Dakota directly through their contact forms on this site. Click on the listings you find interesting and then go to the Contact tab. You will see a form, or you can email them directly. I wish you good luck in this.

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