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Gifts from the Farm: A Christmas Countdown - Day 8

It's the baking that has brought me here. Baking, using fresh eggs from local farms, has me contemplating all of the gifts our farm, ranch, and vineyard members have to offer us. I thought I'd highlight a few things to be thankful for as we race towards December 25th... one each day, so tune in again tomorrow!

Day 8 - Sleigh Rides

snowman sleigh

Dashing through the snow...

How many of us don't really have snow? Let alone sleighs, and horses to pull them? The idea of sleigh rides bring thoughts of snuggling up in warm clothes, hugging someone close, and listening to the jingle of bells, all while being pulled swiftly along a picturesque lane or over fields. And if I can get my hands on some hot chocolate at the end of the ride... all the better!

This is the gift of cold noses. And giggling.

Check out these Farm Stay U.S. members that offer sleigh rides.

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