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Tell us your farm stay stories

Travelers! We want to hear from you... tell us all about your U.S. farm and ranch stay adventures and you could win $100 from Farm Stay U.S.!

This promotion is running through September 30th, and there will be three winners - one each in the months of July, August, and September.

Read on for more details...

Walpole Valley Farms - boy with chickens

To Enter

1. Assemble your story -- you can write, put together a photo essay, or film a video all about your overnight vacation at a working U.S. farm, ranch, or vineyard.

2. Send it to us at Farm Stay U.S.

That's it! Your submission may be posted here on our blog, and you'll be entered to win $100.

The Rules & Other Bits of Info You Need to Know

1. Submitting your content to us gives us the right to post it on our website, in our newsletter, and to link to it in various social media outlets.

2. Your submission may be edited for length, content, or clarity.

3. The farm, ranch, or vineyard stay you are sharing with us must be currently operating in the United States, Canada, District of Columbia, Central America, or the U.S. Territories.

4. The $100 prize winners will be selected at our discretion.

We can't wait to read all about your adventures!

(Photo courtesy The Inn at Valley Farms)

1 comment for “Tell us your farm stay stories”

  1. Gravatar of AngieAngie
    Posted Wednesday, August 14, 2013 at 11:11:51 AM

    As a young child I grow up on a farm and the Farm was Called Cedar Mountain Farms I was Adopted by Al and Daryl I Remember those days would need toget up Early and get the cows in to Milk even when it was cold the Machines some time Failed so u would milk by hand it was fun to stand on the old Bucket Because you where so young to Reach the cow to milk as the Machines would work you go and take care of Chickens. Goats Horses all way make sure that all Animals where in Barn what a blast. then Spring came all baby's Were starting to be born. I remember sleeping in the barn with the Sheeps wait for new kids to be born in the nite so no Coyotes would come. Now springs here time to start irrigating the field Getting ready to do hay For the animals And when work would be done time to go to the pawn and go fishing We go out with dad to help Log Cut firewood for the winter They are the best parents now the own Cedar Mountain Farms I'm just glad I got to live on a farm my kids their kids will be able to enjoy it

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