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Where are all the farm stays hiding?

Andrus Ranch Idaho

Andrus Ranch, Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

Finding working farms and ranches that offer lodging in the U.S. is a mighty challenge.  We have spent over 8 months searching the Internet and then entering information found on farm websites and Google links to create a database of what we think is out there for guests to enjoy.

Every time I read an article about farm stays, farm vacations, haycations, and sleeping in the hay, I check to see if these farms and ranches are on our site. Usually we have most, but often not every one.  I wonder what key words the writer has used to find them all?

So, this is a plea.  If you have a favorite farm or ranch that is not listed on Farm Stay U.S., please forward the website or contact information and we will add it  here.

Our criteria: the property must be a working farm or ranch producing something that is sold off the property to generate income.  I suppose, if the farm consumes everything it grows, as an example of self-sufficiency, that works too. If you can't decide, send the link anyway!

Word-of-mouth is the most powerful social media tool we have...and one of the oldest. Tell us what you know.  We'll share it with the world!

Pagett Farm

Pagett Farm, Palermo, Maine