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Please help us extend a warm welcome to High Breeze Farm in Highland Lakes, New Jersey to the Farm Stay U.S. website.


This family operated 165 acre farm is located adjacent to the Appalachian Trail and surrounded by Wawayanda State park, which gives it a secluded feeling while still being close to area attractions. High Breeze Farm grows organic fruits and vegetables for their CSA and farm stand, as well as 100% grass fed beef, pastured pork, and free range eggs. Their family Jersey cow provides milk and guests can enjoy the opportunity to make butter and cheese.


The High Breeze house is a private 3 bedroom + loft home, with the capacity to sleep 12. It has a fully equipped kitchen for self-prepared meals. Guests of all ages are welcome to observe or participate in daily farm activities. Weddings, family reunions, and other special events may be held at the farm.

To learn more and plan a visit, check out the High Breeze Farm listing here on Farm Stay U.S.!

(Photos courtesy High Breeze Farm)


Trevin Farms in Sudbury, VT, was founded by two chefs who escaped north to Vermont from urban Massachusetts. Troy and Kevin are devoted caretakers of their herd of Nubian goats and exuberant animal lovers. They are also passionate about cheesemaking, teaching guests to whip up incredible chevre recipes that include mouthwatering ingredients like honey and lavendar.

Most of the guests who stay in the B&B's three plush bedrooms ($109-$165), take advantage of the cheesemaking package ($310-$525, including lodging), which includes a cheesemaking class, dinner, and a bundle of fresh chevre for guests to take home. Visitors are also free to pick vegetables from the garden, gather eggs from the hens, and learn to hitch Tyrone the draft horse. The B&B is elegant but accessible, and kid and pet-friendly (for an additional $25/pet). trevin-farms-chicken

Off the farm, there's also plenty to do: The small but not-to-be-missed town of Brandon is a few minutes away, and boasts art galleries, The New England Maple Museum, summer music festivals, sophisticated restaurants like Cafe Provence, and special events like Make Your Own Leaf Person Day. The larger town of Middlebury, home of Middlebury College, is 15 minutes away. Also close are wonderful outdoor recreation opportunities like hiking, biking, canoeing, and kayaking. Silver Lake, the Long Trail and Green Mountain National Forest, and Moosalamoo National Recreation Area are all nearby.

trevin-goatFor more information, visit Trevin Farms' website, Facebook Page, and Farm Stay U.S. listing. They've also been featured in the New York Times and Food Network Magazine.


Photos by Michelle Nowak

Please join us in welcoming a new member to Farm Stay U.S... Lucky Goat Family Farm, located in beautiful Big Sur, California!

Lucky Goat 1


Lucky Goat Family Farm is equally inviting for families with children as it is for romantic couples, singles, or groups of friends. Each day begins with milking the goats, making cheese, checking the troughs, and watering the gardens. Guests are welcome to join in, or just relax on the spacious decks overlooking the ocean.

The farm hosts have been making goat cheese for 26 years and they offer a special goat cheese making workshop (by reservation, with a separate fee from the stay).

Lucky Goat 2


The cottage has room for up to five guests to stay and experience this haven for wildlife and livestock, including goats, sheep, horses, cattle, sheep dogs, deer, bobcats, fox, and condors.

The farm is located close to Pheiffer Beach and the Cultural Center of Big Sur, Loma Vista, where visitors can find great music and wonderful shops of local crafts.

Want to see more? Visit the Lucky Goat Family Farm listing on Farm Stay U.S.

The alpacalypse is coming! Here, this llama will explain...




Okay, all jokes about the end of the world aside, farms are great places to learn a skill or two that might see you through some tough times -- or at the very least, impress your friends at parties. (Seriously. Homemade cheese? I would be so impressed while I hid it all in my purse to take home.) (I like cheese, is what I'm saying.)

Day 5 - Bread, Butter, Jam, and Cheese Making; Canning and Preserving; Soap Making; Teaching Farms; Teaching Ranches; Cooking School

Homemade Butter

Homemade butter

Fresh, whole ingredients, usually straight from the source. A knowledgeable farmer or rancher to teach. These are some invaluable gifts!

The Farm Stay U.S. search page can help you find all kinds of new skills to learn. Just click on "Show More Search Options" and select an activity to see what our members have to offer.

Barred Rock ChickensWhen I decided to raise backyard chickens three years ago, I consulted books and the internet, as it is so easy to do these days. But books and web forums didn't prepare me when one of our hens broke her leg. As a girl from the suburbs, whose only real outdoor chores growing up were weeding a lawn or raking leaves, I laugh now (and cringe a little) to recall our dash to the vet's office to have them put a splint on that little chicken leg, when, really, I could have handled it myself.

There's a self-sufficiency that comes from trying things on your own, trial and error, and necessity. However, if we have the foresight to seek help and knowledge from our community, we can accomplish even more.

In Radical Homemakers: Reclaiming Domesticity from a Consumer Culture, author Shannon Hayes interviewed Los Angeles homesteader Kelly Coyne who says, "you need community. The best way to do any of this is to have someone show you how to do it. I think a lot of these skills are not easily taught by books, and when you're a person who's not been raised doing any of these things, whether it's preserving or growing or dealing with small stock, it's all very mysterious. You spend a lot of your time going, "Well, what is this?" Like, "What's this spot on the plant, why is my chicken doing that?"

Our farm, ranch, and vineyard members know about community, and the importance of sharing knowledge. Guests can get started learning a variety of skills straight from the farmers and ranchers who practice them every day.

Check out these results from some Activity searches on our site:Homemade Butter


Along these same lines, this September, Mother Earth News and Grit magazines are hosting International Homesteading Education Month.

On their website, you can find workshops, open houses, and other events, all centered around neighbors teaching neighbors and building more self-reliant communities. Find events about food gardening, renewable energy systems, raising livestock (including backyard chickens), real food preparation and preservation, fiber arts, and more.