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Snow Day!

red barn in snow

Red barn in the snow; by janylee at morguefile

You may not know that the Farm Stay U.S. HQ farm is located in the pacific northwest, in a part of Oregon that is generally pretty mild, weather-wise. We get a lot of rain (the farm stay host here says spring is lambing season, and fall/winter is mud season), but only occasional snow.

Like right now!

Bandita in the snow

Bandita; by Kate Rivera

Not even enough to hide all the grass underneath.

Of course, farmers still have a job to do, even in the coldest, snowiest weather. Water troughs freeze, livestock needs to be fed, fencing may need repair, branches may have come down and need clearing... but that doesn't mean a FUN farm vacation in the winter time is out of the question!

We headed to our search page and came up with a few ideas for your cold-weather getaway. Click each link to see which farms and ranches can be "home base" for some snowy adventures:

1. Ice Skating

2. Dog Sledding

3. Maple Sugaring

4. Snowmobiling and Snowshoeing

5. X-Country Skiing

snow chores

P.S. Maybe you'd rather go to Hawaii or Southern California and just forget about the snow!

The Country Around You

Barn in mistNo city sounds. Farm sounds, maybe, but it's different. Relax. Look around you. Finally enough time to see the natural world and feel the rythmns of life in the country. The plants, the flowers, the animals, the vistas.

This is the land you pass overhead on a business flight.  Looking down it presents as a patchwork quilt of squares and circles, greens and browns. So disconnected up in the air.  So disconnected in the city. So connected on the land.

Breathe in the smell of fresh mown hay or newly worked earth.  It's richness is invigorating.  Take a hike. Wade in a creek. Relax and breathe out. The country is calling. Pay attention. It's that important!