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Farm Blogs Make Good Reading

Achorn Farm

If you have never read a farm blog, now is the time to start. There are a legion of bloggers who write about their lives in often hilariously funny or wise or insightful or heart-warming (or all of these together) prose.

I am sure there have always been farm diaries written late at night when the chores are done and the kids are in bed, even when the only light was from an oil lamp and not the computer screen. I am also sure we write our stories as a way to exhale from the day's unexpected events, because life on a farm has more than its share of unexpected events.

Homesteading Neophyte

Photos are the side benefit of many of the stories. We have become photo-journalists in our own right. I almost hate to go out to the barn without a camera in my pocket.

So, here are a few of the farm blogs I have found entertaining. They are great for reading alone or aloud. Great for a laugh or a cry.  Great to know we are not alone in the vagaries of farm life! (Disclaimer: I have included my own farm blog in this list. I hope to look back on it in 20 years for a good laugh and a sigh.)

Farm Blogs:

Farm Tales