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Kids Love Baby Animals

Lucy & lambSpring means baby animals for many farms. There may be lambs (baby sheep) or kids (baby goats) or calves (baby cows) or chicks (baby chickens). Test your baby nameology. What kind of animal is a cria, a gosling, or a foal? (ANSWER: baby alpaca, baby goose, baby horse)

Barns become nurseries and pastures become playgrounds.  You can sometimes watch these baby animals being born and, if they need it, help with bottle feeding. It's here you come closest to new life and here where kids are often fascinated to see something younger and smaller than themselves.

Holding a baby lamb or chick can be magical, if the farmer lets you.  Just be careful.  Kids love baby animals and want to take them home, so it's sometimes hard to explain to a weeping child that the lamb will eventually grow into a sheep, too big for the backyard and with nowhere to run and play in the city.