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It's snowing here! Is this because I wrote about snow yesterday? If so, then today I shall write about chocolate...

Oh, wait, my husband just informed me that's not how it works. Drat. In that case, let's talk about keeping snuggly warm. Because, brrrr.

Day 7 - Quilting, Fiber and Weaving (workshops, demonstrations, retreats)


Hand carders and spindles.

Thank goodness for the enthusiasts of these crafts, or they might soon be lost to us in this era of synthetic fibers and producing cloth in the most efficient, inexpensive way possible. There are members of Farm Stay U.S. that offer activities like quilting classes (not to mention - as guests - being able to cuddle up under the handmade quilts often present in the accommodations!); spinning and weaving classes; knitting retreats; dyeing; and even helping with sheep shearing.

And the animals that produce all this glorious fiber... visit with happy sheep, alpacas, llamas, goats, and even bison!

This is truly a gift of warmth.

Check out these Farm Stay U.S. members that offer quilting, fiber related activities, and weaving.