G Bar M Ranch

Clyde Park, Montana

G Bar M Ranch

Rate: $145 - $1595
Units: 1     Capacity: 15
Access:  Wheel chair


G Bar M is a working ranch, which means we are an operating horse and cattle ranch that encourages guests to share in our lifestyle. If you are interested in experiencing and participating in the operation of a working ranch, the G bar M is just the place to do it.

You are welcome to help with what ever is going on in our day-to-day activities. Most people enjoy helping take care of the horse and other livestock and everyone likes to ride with us checking fences, water holes and grass conditions or helping move the cattle to different pastures. What one person may consider a chore another may consider fun. We consider it fun to share our chores with those that want a change of pace.

We have learned over the generations to live with the land, wildlife and weather and not just on the land driving the wildlife out in favor of domesticated livestock and surviving in spite of the weather. We are happy to share our experiences and demonstrate our methods with those who are interested in learning to live with nature on its terms and to understand the ways of the animals, domestic and wild.


Food:  Breakfast, Dinner, All Meals, Family-style Dining

Amenities:  Private Bath, Fireplace(s), Refrigerator

Activities & Animals

Horseback Riding, Fishing, Hiking, Bird Watching, Hunting, Dancing, Swimming, Children's activities, Snowshoeing, Sleigh Rides, Wildlife, Cattle Drives/Sorting, X-Country Skiing


Children under 12, Family Reunions, Special Events


Cabins and Lodge

Capacity: 15

Special Instructions: Two cabins and a new lodge offering comfortable accommodations.

Rate PeriodPrice

Double Occupancy

From: 05/15  To: 09/15 $1595.00
instructions:   Per person, weekly. Single occupancy: $1,655. When 3 or more in a cabin, $1,545 each weekly.

Children Under 13

From: 05/15  To: 09/15 $1340.00
instructions:   Weekly. $1325 each when 3 or more in a cabin.

Bed and Breakfast

From: 09/16  To: 05/14 $145.00
instructions:   Nightly, per couple and meals during seasons other than the summer time. $25 per hour to ride horses. Call for availability.

Rates subject to change without notice. Please confirm with farm or ranch host.


PO Box 29 - Clyde Park, Montana


Patricia Leffingwell

PO Box 29
Clyde Park, Montana 59018

Phone: (406) 686-4216

Email: gbarmranch@mcn.net

Website: http://www.gbarm.com

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