Top 10 Produce

Top 10 Produce, based in Salinas CA, provides primary source verification labels to independent producer members (barcodes for producers selling to vendors requiring specific location identification) at a reasonable price.

Locale verification can be provided by the GS1 Databar label or UPC label on the item, or through a Locale QR code embedded with the very same GS1 numbers used for supply chain traceability. Farmers are members of Top 10 Produce in a sort of agricultural service cooperative identified as Know Your Farmer, Know Your Locale.

Top 10 Produce is working in partnership with Farm Stay U.S. in order to provide traceability all the way to our farm and ranch lodging. Imagine someone eating a peach, wondering about the farm, finding out she can stay there, and booking a reservation, all because of the QR code affixed to the fruit.

Naylor's Organic, a Farm Stay U.S. member, promotes their farm in just such a way.

Top 10 Produce QR code


Don't know what a QR code is?  It's that square black-and-white image in a box you are starting to see on everything. Hover over it with a smart phone and it will link directly to the website of the vendor, in our case the farm or ranch.

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