Flickr Photo Tutorial

We love it when farm stay guests share their photos with us! We have a Flickr group called We Love Farm Stays & Guest Ranches (see, we really love it) -- and you are invited to share your photos with the group.

Here is a quick step-by-step on how to get your photos to appear in the group:

1. Sign-in to Flickr, or join as a new member. Don't worry, there's a free option.

2. Go to the We Love Farm Stays & Guest Ranches group page, and click 'Join This Group'

3. After you have joined, you can upload photos to your own photostream for sharing. In the upper menu bar, select 'Upload' and follow the instructions on the screen to add your photo. Be sure to title your photo with the name of the farm, ranch or vineyard!

4. Click on your photo in your photostream to view it, and then select the 'Actions' button, then 'Add to a group'. (see the screenshot example below)

5. In the search window, type 'we love farm stays', and the group that you just joined will come up. Select the group, and then click 'Done'. Your image is now in the group!

You can add up to six photos to the group at one time, but you are not limited to how many you may add altogether. If you have more than six, just wait a little while and continue adding them.

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