How to use this site

This site is set up for easy searches of U.S. farm and ranch stays.  For the most simple search, enter the state you are interested in visiting on the right side of the Home page where it says Farm Finder .  You will see you can also enter information on Capacity, Children and/or Pets.

Alternatively you can choose the Find a Farm tab and put in additional information to fine-tune what you are looking for.  Included in this tab is an Advanced Search button that gives you many options for searching on Amenities, Activities, what's Allowed, etc.  You don't need to fill in all the fields.  One is good enough to launch a Search.

Besides finding the perfect farm or ranch for your vacation, use the site to find out what a farm stay has to offer, read news stories about our farms and ranchs, look through our blog posts for information about specific opportunities, link to our Face Book, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr accounts, send information to your friends,  and find out who the people are behind the site.

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