Regional Guide - Mid-Atlantic Farm and Ranch Stays

The Mid-Atlantic region encompasses New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Here you will find iconic farmhouses built in the early 19th century, contemporary homes utilizing alternative energy, and everything -- on or off the grid -- in between.

You might find a New York or New Jersey farm here offering maple syrup making in the spring (known as sugaring), or apple cider pressing in the fall. If helping with other chores is on your agenda, you will find no shortage of farms to take you up on the offer -- consider collecting eggs, harvesting produce, or feeding livestock.

Lancaster County in Pennsylvania is known for its Amish farms, where it is not uncommon to see buggies passing down the road. If our farmers aren't Amish, it's a sure bet they have neighbors who are. You'll feel as if you have gone back in time.

Take a farm vacation to one of our many Mid-Atlantic farm, ranch, or vineyard stays for an experience you will remember long after returning from the countryside.

Featured Stays in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Mid-Atlantic DaCy Meadow Mid Atlantic Hull-O Farms

DaCy Meadow Farm NY

Westport, New York

Type: Farm     Capacity: 14


Hull-O Farms

Durham, New York

Type: Farm     Capacity: 18


Blind Buck Valley Farm


Blind Buck Valley Farm

Salem, New York

Type: Farm     Capacity: 12


Because of the View Farm

Jordanville, New York

Type: Farm     Capacity: 6


Owens Farm Long View Water Wheel Farm

Owens Farm

Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Type: Farm     Capacity: 6


Water Wheel Farm NY

Sidney Center, New York

Type: Farm     Capacity: 10



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