Regional Guide - Midwest (West North Central) Farm and Ranch Stays

Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota make up the Midwest (West North Central).

This area, representing the Great Plains, features tall grass prairies, the Flint Hills and the Black Hills, scenic national parks and sacred Native American sites, the home of Willa Cather and many European immigrants who farmed and ranched these lands as pioneers.

You will be welcomed at these farms, ranches, and vineyards with traditional meals from the Old Country and lodging in homesteaded farm and ranch houses.  In terms of things to do, the region is varied in its geology and has a wide range of offerings based on the landscape.  Here you can look for dinosaur fossils, ride the prairie as a cowboy chasing cattle, or take a hunting retreat.

We invite you to search through our many Midwest (West North Central) farm, ranch, and vineyard stays and find the perfect vacation for you and your family.

Featured Stays in the Midwest (West North Central) Region

Midwest WNC Big Blue Ranch Midwest WNC Netherfield Natural Farm

Big Blue Ranch and Lodge

Burchard, Nebraska

Type: Ranch     Capacity: 12

Netherfield Natural Farm

Fontana, Kansas

Type: Farm     Capacity: 10


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