Non US Countries Farm and Ranch Stays

Canada, Central America, and Mexico are being added to our website. While we have received queries, we do not have many farms yet to show off in these countries and regions.


Our Canadian neighbors to the north will reach from their east coast to their west, but due to latitude will likely see reduced months for occupancy.  You can expect both farming and ranching, coastal and inland, with possible French being spoken in the east and hardy cowboys in the west (this is the land of the Calgary Stampede - one of the oldest on the continent).


We will probably see similar unique offerings in Mexico and Central America.  Here in the U.S. we receive many of our off-season vegetables and fruits from the countries south of our borders. It will be fun to experience the production first hand!


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Non US Countries Farm and Ranch Stays


Ruby Slipper Ranch

Denman Island, BC, Canada

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