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All the states in the Pacific region, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington, have one thing in common - Pacific Ocean coastlines.  However, the latitudinal change from the tip of Alaska to California's Mexican border tells the story of enormous variety in climate, temperature, terrain, and even daylight!  This makes for equally diverse farm, ranch, and vineyard experiences.

Categorizing anything about the Pacific region is difficult.  It's a region where you can harvest lettuce in Hawaii at the same time you are winter fishing for salmon in the Northwest (Oregon and Washington) and Alaska!

Most of our Alaska farms are coastal and seasonal (for good reason!). Farm stays in Hawaii are verdant, with fruits and vegetable crops throughout the year. California, 840 miles from north to south, has huge diversity in its landscapes, growing climates, and demographics, so you can find just about anything, usually with sunny weather. The Northwest is divided east-west by the Cascade mountain range - wet and green to the ocean; dry and rangeland to the east. Home to one of the oldest rodeos in the U.S., the Pendelton Rodeo, farmers and ranchers share the state equally.

The Pacific region boasts a number of orchards, vineyards and wine touring -- either on-site or nearby -- and plenty of outdoor recreation, riding, even riding and winetouring at the same time!

Come out and find the perfect ranch or farm vacation for you and your family.

Featured Stays in the Pacific Region

Pacific Willow Witt Ranch


Flip Flop Ranch

Lucerne Valley, California

Type: Ranch     Capacity: 7


Rancho Dos Amantes

Paso Robles, California

Type: Ranch     Capacity: 12


Pacific Rustridge Ranch

Pacific Wilson Ranches Retreat

Rustridge Ranch and Winery

St. Helena, California

Type: Winery     Capacity: 8


Wilson Ranches Retreat

Fossil, Oregon

Type: Ranch     Capacity: 21


Pacific Sakura Ridge

Pacific Big Bluff Ranch

Sakura Ridge Farm and Lodge

Hood River, Oregon

Type: Farm     Capacity: 11


Big Bluff Ranch

Red Bluff, California

Type: Ranch     Capacity: 14


Pacific 3 Arrows Ranch

A Willow Creek Ranch Farm Stay

3 Arrows Ranch

Ellensburg, Washington

Type: Ranch     Capacity: 26


Willow Creek Ranch Farm Stay -
Farm Tours Mountain Ranch CA

Mountain Ranch, CA

Type: Farm     Capacity: 7


Pacific Justesen Ranch

Pacific Lucky Goat Family Farm

Justesen Ranch

Grass Valley, Oregon

Type: Ranch     Capacity: 41


Lucky Goat Family Farm

Big Sur, California

Type: Farm     Capacity: 11


Pacific Paca Pride

Hagen Farm

Paca Pride Guest Ranch

Granite Falls, Washington

Type: Ranch     Capacity: 60


Hagen Family Farm

Snohomish, Washington

Type: Farm     Capacity: 11


Work Ranch Pacific Airlie Farm

Work Family Ranch

San Miguel, California

Type: Ranch     Capacity: 14

Airlie Farm Bed & Breakfast

Monmouth, Oregon

Type: Farm     Capacity: 22


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Willow Witt Ranch

Ashland, Oregon

Type: Farm     Capacity: 18

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