South Atlantic Farm and Ranch Stays

The South Atlantic region -- made up of Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia -- is often known as the "new south".

The states north of the Carolinas have more of a northern sensibility but their residents often exhibit the soft drawl of their neighbors to the south.  Horses are a dominant feature on many of the farms and good Southern cooking abounds.

The South Atlantic region is blessed with plentiful rainfall and a mild climate.  The Gulf Stream warms these coastal states.  Crops grow easily in the rich, fertile soil and can be grown without frost for at least six months of the year.

Our farms, ranches, and vineyards in these states often focus on outdoor sports and recreation, festivities on their land, elaborate breakfasts, and southern charm. You will find everything from large estates to small organic farms. But what you will find universally is a welcome mat at the front door.

Check out our South Atlantic farms and ranches for the perfect vacation for you and your family.

Featured Stays in the South Atlantic Region

Wolf Creek Farm South Atlantic Chantilly Ridge Alpacas

Wolf Creek Farm

Ararat, Virginia

Type: Farm     Capacity: 17


Chantilly Ridge Alpacas

Port Orange, Florida

Type: Farm     Capacity: 6




Thus Far Farm

White Oak Pastures

Bluffton, Georgia

Type: Farm     Capacity: 23


Thus Far Farm

Westminster, South Carolina

Type: Farm     Capacity: 8


Bliss Farm

Bliss Farm and Retreat

Barnardsville, North Carolina

Type: Farm     Capacity: 5



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