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Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas make up this region, historically known as the southwest, or western U.S. South. These states were members of the Confederacy during the Civil War, although Oklahoma was still considered Indian Territory at the time.

Geographically, the region runs from semi-tropical to plains to arid as you move from Louisiana north and west. There is the hill region of the Piney Woods in east Texas, Louisiana, and southern Arkansas; the Ozark mountains in northern Arkansas and Oklahoma; the great plains as you head west into Texas; and then the driest areas along the Rio Grande that separate Texas from Mexico.

You will find ranches offering cattle drives, farms offering horseback riding, hands-on experiences as you help with chores. For those interested in nature, a number of the operations offer  nature walks. This region may not be as well-known for its wine production as California, but has vineyards nonetheless to host you overnight and let you sample their wares.

Common adjectives to describe the properties in this region are: spacious, quiet, tranquil, secluded, relaxed, natural beauty, warm and welcoming.

Check out the many opportunities for a great farm vacation or guest ranch experience at one of our South (West South Central) farm, ranch, or vineyard properties.

Featured Stays in the South (West South Central) Region

South WSC Agarita Creek Farm Scurlock Farm

Agarita Creek Farms

Fredericksburg, Texas

Type: Farm     Capacity: 10


Scurlock Farms

Georgetown, Texas

Type: Farm     Capacity: 18



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