Refund Policy

If you are dissatisfied with your Farm Stay U.S. listing for any reason, Farm Stay U.S. will gladly cancel your listing and send you a full refund for the first year and a prorated refund for subsequent subscription periods.

You can send your refund request to us by using the Contact page on the Farm Stay U.S. website and either sending us an email, filling out the contact form, or sending a letter.

Many travelers make plans far in advance. We believe it is best to allow listings to run continuously on a year-round basis. For this reason, Farm Stay U.S. does not advertise properties on a 3, 6, or 9 month basis. Our pricing is based on listings that run for a full year.

If you sell your property, decide to take a break, or stop offering lodging all together during that year, we can remove your listing from the site or add a message explaining the circumstances so you no longer receive active inquiries.

Farm Stay U.S. does not refund upgraded listings that have been paid for but never used, i.e. additional photos not uploaded. Farm Stay U.S. is not responsible for verifying that all upgrade opportunities have been utilized by the client.

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