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What our member farms are saying about Farm Stay U.S.

Farm Stay U.S. is a wonderful website and directory. It's the most effective directory that we have ever used.

Don, The Inn at Crippen Creek

I am very impressed. [My listing was] on the site for less than an hour and I got a booking for two weeks from now!

Kathy, Spiritwind Farm

I have had a least 6-7 calls or e-mails that said they found me on Farmstayus.com or by typing in the words farm stay. 4 of them have booked and I think they 100% enjoyed themselves....Thanks so much for your help.

Kathy, Mirror Lake B&B Farm Stay, Rome City, IN

... congratulations on your website. From all reports, it's the most looked at Farm Stay website. Many of my guests found me on it. Best wishes.

Virginia, Stonehaven Farm, Westport, MA

I just want you to know that I'm completely delighted with the guests I've had so far. They have been kind, considerate and polite, and the children have been well behaved, curious and FUN! We've had a great time showing them around the farm and educating them about farm life, the garden, and the animals. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for getting us together. l look forward to meeting more great folks!

Leslie, the Carriage House at Kokovoko, Corinth, KY

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